Safety Tips is committed to ensuring that users are safe and feel secure when using our platform to find the right partner.
While we make sure that all profiles are screened, we encourage our users to play a pivotal part.
Here are some general rules to help the users be aware and guide them to have a sense of security and control while using our service.

Online safety
  •  Due diligence is merely a platform for meeting people. Though we conduct laborious screening processes, via Jodi365, it does not override your own wish to research or assess. Personal safety rides solely on your shoulders. That is why we urge our users to conduct any kind of verification, if need be. We expect honest answers from our users. However, the background checks can be limited. The users, therefore, are encouraged and strongly advised to conduct their own due diligence with regard to the information displayed on the profile.
Ensure that several reference checks have been made, before you meeting the person. The onus and the responsibility of verifying the authenticity of a profile lies on the user.
Do not be afraid to question their authenticity and/or take the photos for granted. Use sites like or try a reverse image search on Google (by clicking on the camera logo in the search bar and uploading an image) to see if they are using a fake picture. Do not let your guard down, especially when a match shares his/her details. If you feel, something doesn't seem or feel right, trust those instincts and stop communicating with the match.

  •  Detecting scamsters

Be vigilant of online fraudsters. They usually:

  • ask you to take your chats outside
  • ask you for money, citing personal or medical emergency.
  • disappear suddenly and then reappear under a different name.
  • send you gifts that can only be claimed after a substantial payment.
  • get serious about you very quickly.
  • have inconsistencies in their mannerisms and descriptions of his/her family and friends.
  • avoid introducing you to his/her family.
  • do not reveal their real face.
  • don't meet you in person or talk over video chat.
  • ask for personal details like house address and account details.
  • claim to be from your country but stuck elsewhere, and they need financial help.
  • avoid questions about themselves.
  • write messages that quickly scale to a deeper connection.
  • ask inappropriate questions.
  • tell stories of grandeur.
  • urge you to compromise on your principles.
  • give vague answers to simple and specific questions.
  • claim to be recently widowed or divorced and this information is not provided in his/her profile.
  • plan to visit, but is prevented by a traumatic event.

If you have such an experience(s), please notify us immediately.

  • Phishing 
  • Please be cautious of sites that resemble but may not be related to or affiliated with or Verify that the URL is or before you proceed any further. Malicious sites might even look identical and are commonly used to "phish" for login information to compromise user accounts. The fake sites, owned and operated by people with malicious intent, may reach out to you for your user ID, password, membership fee, etc. We do not and will never ask you for login details, either on phone, through email or in person.
  • In the unlikely event that you do receive a message with external links, please be wary; Jodi365 generally does not direct users to external links. Also, if a user shares a URL link to his/her favorite article or a website as part of getting to know each other better, please remain cautious.
  • Please exercise good judgment while deciding on clicking any URL links.
  • Report such phishing scams to our customer support without delay.

  • Safeguarding personal & financial info 
  • You shouldn't share your financial details like bank account number, online banking credentials, credit card details etc. under any circumstances. Don't give out private information like your mother's maiden name-anything that can be used to access your financial information. Never ever send money to an online contact, even if they seem nice or have "legitimate" reasons. If users reach out for the same, report it immediately.
  • Never share your home or office address or any other identifiable information.
  • Do not divulge in details regarding your daily routine (say, you go to 'x' gym every Tuesday). If you are a parent, limit the information about your children and avoid sharing their names, which school they go to etc.
  • Don't disclose regular or official email ids while communicating with a match. But if you end up doing so, make sure that other contact information is unavailable in your signature lines
  • Evidently, Jodi365 takes users' security seriously. We only state the screen name so only when you are comfortable, do you even need to share your full name.
  • Interacting with others 
  • Don't rush the process. Take your time in getting to know your match, at a pace that is comfortable for both of you.
  • We have ice breaker questions that can prove to be helpful while initiating contact. Use Jodi365's Secure Dial to protect your identity. Only once you are comfortable and have established a reasonable amount of trust, furnish your personal phone number. Till then, use public telephones.
  • We are all about safeguarding users' privacy. The users get to choose who gets to see their photos.
  • Keep initial communication on the platform. Be wary of people who ask you to move communication off the platform.
  • If someone gives you a phone number with a strange area code, check it out to make sure it's not a charge number before you make the call.


  • Protecting user account info 
  • Do not disclose your login information (user name and password). Remember no one from Jodi365 will ever ask you for the same, on phone, via mail or in person.
  • Ensure your password is strong and always be careful when you log into your account from a public or shared computer.

Offline safety

  • Meeting in public spaces 
  • Meet with your matches in safe, public spaces. Ensure you meet at a decent hour as well.
  • Do not have the date at his/her house or in yours. If the match pressures you to go to a private location, end the date.
  • Transportation 
  • Get your own ride so that you can leave whenever you want. We suggest that you have a back-up plan wherein your friend or relative can pick you up.
  • Decline if the match volunteers to pick you up from your house.
  • Do not get in your match's car on the very first date.
  • We cannot stress on the importance of having your own transportation to and fro.


  • Personal belongings and necessary items 
  • Never let your guard down, especially when food and beverages are involved. Only accept if they are served directly from the waiter and know where it comes from and where it is at all times. Please keep your phone and purse/wallet on you at all times.
  • Carry a fully-charged mobile phone with emergency numbers on speed dial.
  • If it makes you feel extra safe, we recommend that women carry a pepper spray or some kind of self-defense tool.


  • Know your limits 
  • Please know that drugs and alcohol can impair your judgement and your sense of alertness. Do not let your date pressure you to have more than you are comfortable with. Hold your ground and leave immediately.
  • Abstain from alcohol consumption, at least in the initial meetings.


  • Informing friends and/or family
  • Always inform a friend or a family member of your whereabouts. Keep checking in with them during the date.
  • If you want, you can also ask a friend to tag along.
  • It's in your hands 
  • Take your own time in getting to know the other person.
  • Do not hold back in asking questions to verify their authenticity or to screen for any red flags.
  • You can request their photos for your own assessment.
  • Involve a third party, like your friend to read the communication you have with your match so that spotting red flags is easier.
  • Talk over our SecureDial, initially, before meeting.
  • Know that it is completely all right to end the date early if you are feeling uncomfortable. Especially when your instincts are telling you that something else is at play, don't hesitate to ask for help.
  • Please be respectful of the users and their decisions.
  • We hope that being rejected and rejecting profiles doesn't make you cynical. Know that not every match is going to be right for you. It is important to trust the process
  • attempt to sell products and services via spam and solicitation
  • Even though it is best to remain cautious, try not to be defensive either. Be positive and enjoy your meeting.