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How to meet on JODI.live

5 simple steps to connect with matches via 1-on-1 audio/video meetings

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1. Get video-verified on Jodi365

Because you are real and expect to meet only real people.

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2. Confirm your booking

It will cost you less than a mere soy cappucinno at Starbucks.

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3. Come online on schedule

Test your mic & camera and be ready for your 1-on-1 video chats.

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4. Talk 1-on-1, via audio/video

With up to 10 matches, for 5 min each, with moderators on standby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. For whom are these JODI.live events?

For quality singles who are serious about finding a suitable match, in a secure setting.

Since these events are brought to you by Jodi365.com, these additional FAQs would provide a clearer picture about those whom we serve:

Consistent with Jodi365's parent company, FreeElective's hiring practices, we strive to be inclusive.  General events that we host occasionally – such as yoga sessions, cooking demos, guest interviews, and book club readings – are open to all.  Our 1-on-1 audio/video meetings with matches on JODI.live, however, are currently only for straight singles.

Also, given that 80% of those who are single are between the ages of 24 and 36, roughly, those are the age groups that we currently serve through JODI.live.

2. How are event participants curated?

The first way in which we ensure a good experience at our events, rather than a free for all, is by not making the events free for all.

We also require that all participants be video-verified on Jodi365 and abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.

In case you worry about whom you might run into, remember, these online events are safer than meeting strangers in person. (See "Why you will LOVE JODI.live" above.)

By putting yourself out there, you'd be increasing your surface area for luck to strike.  Indeed, as we like to say, about life and matters of the heart, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

3. How do JODI.live events work?

See the steps outlined in the "How to meet on JODI Live" section above.

Once you confirm your booking of an event pass, you will receive an email with a unique, secure invitation link to the online event on the given date.

Come online at the appointed hour, following instructions in the email, with your microphone and camera enabled on your laptop or smartphone.

Event passes are non-refundable and event invitations are non-transferable.  If you're a no-show, you lose your event pass.

During the hour-long event, enjoy striking up a conversation with up to 10 matches, for 5 minutes each.

Should there be an unexpected imbalance between the number of registered men and women in actual attendance, you may have to contend with quiet air time of 5 minutes once or twice during the hour, while your next match becomes available.

During the 1-on-1 meetings, be yourself.  Be relaxed.  Show curiosity in each of your matches.  Make mental notes on whether you'd like to talk again.

Want to connect again with any of your matches?  You are welcome to text them your contact information, during the event, to take the conversation offline.

4. What about my privacy and safety online?

It is a sad reflection of our times that regular folks must understandably be wary about their privacy and safety, given the widespread mischief that happens online.

We say to you about our events, "Worry less."

When people register for a JODI.live event, we ask for and display only your first name, age, and city/town to other attendees.

We handle your information consistent with the privacy policies described here:

In short, your contact information will not be shared with any attendees or any other third party without your explicit permission.

We are confident that you'll find that JODI.live also lives up to Jodi365's longstanding motto: Useful. Classy. Trustworthy. 

5. How do you ensure that attendees are on their best behavior?

Participants are expected to abide by the instructions in the event invitation email and, importantly, our CODE OF CONDUCT.

Those who don't will be at risk of getting booted from the event—by our moderators, who remain on standby—so that the experience is not soured for others.

Depending on the severity of the transgression, registrants may also be banned from attending another JODI.live event.

The registration fees will remain non-refundable.

6. Is there a fee to attend a JODI.live event?

Yes, of course.  Everything in life costs money.  Our pricing is straightforward, though.

Want to attend an event?  Get an individual pass for that event.

We will regularly update our calendar of upcoming events.

7. What about events for specific cities, socio-cultural backgrounds, and occupations?

Why not!  We will offer more such events in time.  Stay tuned.

Don't want to wait?  We'd love to hear from you about your interest in specific events:


8. What app/software/hardware would we have to use for the online events?

You need only a web browser (preferably Google Chrome).  While you can come online using your smartphone, your experience will be better on a laptop or desktop.

Your computer or smartphone must have a microphone and camera enabled, to participate in the event.  (These are video meetings, after all!)

The virtual events will also require you to have a reliable broadband connection, or at least a stable 4G mobile data connection.  Don't let a poor internet connection ruin your first video chat experience with a potential match.  Don't blame us, either.

You would also need to create an account and dial into our event software (e.g., Airmeet) using the invitation link that registrants receive within a few days of registering.

For this reason, we recommend that you come online at least 5–10 minutes before the scheduled start of an event.

9. Do you offer offline events, IRL?

Yes, occasionally.

Interested in one soon in your city/town? Please CONTACT US.

10. Anything else that I should know?

Our mission behind operating Jodi365.com and now, JODI.live, is lofty – to help people find a compatible match, to help them celebrate and nurture their relationships through all seasons of life, and thereby to make meaningful contributions to society.

To learn more about Jodi365, check out:

You're also welcome to CONTACT US.

Got other questions?

Couples' Success Stories

People love saying that they found love on Jodi365!

Namrta & Piyush

You'd find it delightful, too, to behold the delight in Namrta's and Piyush's words as they describe how they found a partner in each other, within four days of being matched, in March 2020, on Jodi365! They were happily married in October 2021.

Raj & Swathy

Munich-based Raj's account was set up by his kind brother-in-law, while Mumbai- based Swathy's profile was created by her mother. They were matched in April 2020 and began talking soon thereafter. They clicked instantly and, following a long-distance courtship, got engaged in December 2020. An intimate, Covid-constrained beachside wedding followed in March 2021.

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that you'll find Jodi365 to live up to its motto:
Useful. Classy. Trustworthy. 

Once we have activated your one-year membership plan, you have 30 days in which to decide whether your membership plan is worth it.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive a single expression of interest (or acceptance of your interest) in that 30-day period, let us know.

We will then issue a 100% refund.
This makes it risk-free to try a Jodi365 membership plan.

However, so that people don't abuse our generous offer, by using it to connect with matches and then asking for their money back, we have this reasonable pre-condition:

No refunds if, in the 30-day period following your plan's activation, you have at least one accepted match (mutual expression of interest).

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1-on-1 Speed Video Chats with Well-Educated Singles

For Women aged ~33–45 & Men aged ~36–48 – from top-tier universities.

Sunday, 5 Feb 2023, 8–9 PM IST

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1-on-1, Speed Video Chats with Well-Educated Singles

For Women aged ~23–32 & Men aged ~26–35 – from top-tier universities.

Saturday, 4 Feb 2023, 5–6 PM IST

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1-on-1, Speed Video Chats with Young Singles

For Jodi365 subscribers—Women aged ~23–32 & Men aged ~26–35.

Friday, 3 Feb 2023, 7–8 PM IST

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1-on-1, Speed Video Chats with Mature Singles

For Jodi365 subscribers—Women aged ~33–45 & Men aged ~36–48.

Friday, 3 Feb 2023, 8:30–9:30 PM IST

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